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What Do We Do?

I’m having a hard time these days trying to figure out where this nation is going. We have fringe groups of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, anti-Semites on one side and Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, AntiFa and plain old liberal provocateurs, who have no other agenda than to trash our president, on the other. That’s all we are talking about these days. One side attacks the other. Some attack regular folks just walking down the streets. Some attack and injure demonstrators who are supporting one issue or another. Some attack and injure just for the fun of it. It is important to say that both groups on either side are minorities of our population. How do we stop it?

If one side gives in to the other then the unrest will continue and it matters not which side steps back. They are all racists and will continue to be racists no matter what. It’s insane. We all know that folks have a constitutional right to their thoughts and words. Folks can stand on a corner with a sign or mike and toot off whatever they want. No one has the right – any right – to attack anyone for his or her speech. That’s just the facts. No matter – the fringe groups do it anyway proclaiming their constitutional right to free speech. Folks, there is no constitutional right to free assault & battery. Apparently the Berkeley University campus police don’t agree. Anyway, what do we do?

If the government sends in the National Guard or other military response teams in violation of posse comitatus they become the arm of a tyrannical government, which is against the law, and we become another Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or China. That just isn’t us. Here we are, the vast majority of Americans – law abiding citizens, sitting in the middle worried about our safety, the future for our children and doing nothing. Are we about to have another Civil War – Us against the fanatics? Of course, everyone is blaming President Trump. I cannot see why. He does nothing and people keep dying. He takes action and he’s the tyrant.

What will draw us together? What has drawn us together in the past? I hate to say it but catastrophes draw us together. That’s right, Catastrophes. I don’t want another one of those. What’s happening in Houston is a catastrophe and thousands of us in the middle are rushing to help, but not the fringe groups. Why? It’s because their focus is not to help but to undermine, assault, create havoc and disarray. Yup, the fringe groups are just a bunch of hard-core, anti-American, small-brained, racist trouble makers whose only goal is to get attention they do not deserve and to destroy our way of life. By the way, what happens to them if they get what they want? They lose everything. They will lose everything the government is providing to them today. The examples are global. Look at other countries that do not permit the kind of activities these groups are perpetrating right now. It’s amazing how shortsighted the members of the fringe groups are.

There’s one last thing. Watch out, you parents who are paying those huge tuitions for your kids going to college and university. They are being brainwashed by the unbelievable professors teaching them. They proclaim the importance of “diversity” yet there are no conservative professors nor are conservative students permitted to demonstrate? You may refuse to believe it, but look at what many are doing. Professors are glorifying many things for which our country has never supported and some of those kids are standing in line filling up those fringe groups.

I just don’t know what we can do to bring things back to mutual respect. What do we do?

Be a Republican — That’s What’s Important

Okay, Cruz has “suspended” his campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. I think it was time. In fact, a close friend of mine and I were texting shortly after the Indiana Primary was over. He and I agreed that the Senator should and probably would exit the contest.

Now, neither my friend nor I are Trump fans. In our primary here in Florida, both of us voted for Governor Kasich. This has been a really cool campaign. Initially, I supported Ben Carson. I realized that he just didn’t have the campaign talent. I moved to Fiorina. I really liked her, still do. Then she pulled out and that moved me to Christie. Before I moved to Florida with my family, Christie was our Governor. I was there while the liberal press tried to kick his butt with Bridge Gate. I knew he was innocent of all crap they were trying to pile on him. They’re still trying to brand him with it. Then he pulled out and that left me with the top three. I supported Kasich.

I no longer support him mostly because he as much as admitted that his efforts, today, are not to just fight the campaign and win the nomination, but to get to the “contested” convention where he hopes to motivate the delegates to nominate him. I don’t know how he might do that. Would it be through some sort of chicanery? Who knows? Anyway, last week I heard a pundit of some sort – I missed his intro – say that the contested convention was the way to go. He said, “This isn’t a popularity contest, for crying out loud!” Wait a minute. That’s exactly what this is. It is a popularity contest. He is suggesting, as are Kasich, Cruz and the GOP leadership, that the millions of people who went to the poles to vote don’t matter. I’m not a Trump fan, but I am a Republican and I will vote for the Republican Candidate. No matter who it is, our candidate will be hugely more credible than any of the social-progressive democrats on the list.

It’s for us Republicans to act like Republicans. We have a candidate who has received a huge majority of votes. We are really tired of what’s been going on in DC and now is our time. We have a current president who does not like the American Idea. He and his administration, with the full support of the democrats in Congress by the way, have done more to hurt race relations than any president in the modern era. He has built a mass of people enslaved to the Government through unlimited welfare and food-stamp programs. He has opened the borders to anyone who wants to walk across. He has given ISIS unlimited room to expand and he has reduced our military to its smallest size since before WWII.

Let’s get behind our candidate with all the support we can muster. Those of you Republicans who say you’ll never vote for Trump are, for all intents and purposes, voting for Hillary. Now, that’s a sound plan. Cheese!  Get over your angst. I will. We don’t like the way he’s talked and argued, but the stuff he is saying that needs fixing really does need fixing and of all people on the face of the planet, he can pick the right folks to help and advise him. We need to get the democrats out of the White House. If Trump ends up our candidate, I will vote for him. I will not sit home on Election Day. That would just be one more vote for Hillary.

One Good Thumping Deserves Another

So what to we do? Russian fighter aircraft fly over an American destroyer, buzzing it, flying on paths that take them within 30 feet of the ship. It’s as though Vladimir Putin is standing in front of Obama and he’s repeatedly poking BHO in the chest, right on his sternum saying, “How do you like that, Barack (thump, thump)? Huh (thump)? How do you like that (thump, thump)? I think you like it. I think you looked at those videos and thought, ‘OMG, another thumping by Vladimir. Yay!’ (thump) You did nothing when I took over Croatia (thump). Then I invaded Eastern Ukraine and (thump) you did nothing (thump, thump). I think you were waiting for me to do it again, so I flew in support for Assad (thump). Then bombed and killed some of the folks you were supporting and supplying to fight Assad (thump, thump). I think you were just sitting here in the White House waiting for another thumping, so here it is. What do you think? Want another thump? Here (thump, thump).”

What should happen today: Obama opens the conversation, “Well, Vlad, I have to admit that these thumps felt pretty good at the start but that spot on my sternum is a little irritated now. Honestly, now I think its time to stop. Anyway, I can travel over to see you guys in the summer and we can go through the thumping again after my spot heals, but as far a testing the will of the American military goes, I think you’ve done enough thumping.

I hate to do this because it’s totally against my essence, but you gotta stop. In fact, you should just leave the Ukraine and leave them alone. They are a sovereign nation, by the way, and I think the rest of the world will support me on this. Be that as it may, these flights over our Navy ships must stop. They have to stop! I have given direction to the military leadership to protect themselves, our people and our equipment by whatever means required. When your planes fly over our ships on what could be considered “strafing runs”, how the heck could we know who might be flying them? Your pilots never responded to our sailor’s request for identification and intentions. Not one word from your guys! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the next time this happens a couple of your planes might just bite the dust along with the pilots. Vlad, that would be totally on you – YOU! Now, I’ve told you what might happen and I’ve given you the leeway to prevent this through communication and if any of your pilots die its because of you, not me, not the US Navy – YOU. I’ll be sure that your people know that and we’ll see how they respond. It’s that simple. Oh, I must leave now. I have an important meeting with my Caddy. Talk soon. Oh, yeah, forgot (thump).”

What are the chances that this communication will happen – Zerro? We know that BHO will never go against his “essence”. We know what his “essence” is. It’s Climate Change. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Vlad might get Trumped, or Cruzefied, or Kaischgated. We know, for sure how well being Hillaried works and Sanderization is simply focused on being more like the USSR. Oh, well, we can only pray and vote.

First Republican Debate 2016

Thursday’s Republican Debate on Fox Business was the best one that I’ve seen thus far. The questions were on point dealing with issues and allowing the candidates to be more expansive on their positions. Surely, each candidate needed to address the comments, accusations and allegations made against them and they responded really well. Some of the challenges are real, many are not and Thursday they were addressed.

No candidate fell on their sword, except maybe Cruz and his “New York Values” comments, and none of them needed to. Each of these candidates is clearly a better and more competent choice than anything available on the other side.

I have my favorites coming out of that debate and as I watch coverage this morning I am disappointed. As you might expect, I’m watching FNC. After all, their sister channel hosted the debate. Anyway, these folks are focused on Trump, Cruz and Rubio. They have been focused on those three for weeks. They have always and continue to measure Cruz’ and Rubio’s debate success against Trump’s. Their accounts always arrange and rearrange the order of success for these same three. The question I hear after every debate is, “How did [whatshisname] do in comparison to Trump?” I have to tell you that disappoints me, because others actually did better answering policy and emotional questions.

Thus far, I have to say that, while Senators Rubio and Cruz were orders of magnitude better than Donald, Cruz has two issues that will plague him, whether real or not, throughout any campaign and it will weaken him to the point of loss. Governor Christie, on the other hand, and Carly Fiorina out-debated all the others by simply outlining their positions and what they would do…and they made sense. Christy won as far as I’m concerned, but Carly was not far behind. He simply won, but blinders worn by the media focus all their attention on Trump, Cruz and Rubio. While I agree that Cruz and Rubio were really good Christie kicked the field goal and Carly was stellar.

Gov. Christie is suddenly my favorite. However, I maintain that any of those on those two stages are more competent and knowledgeable and capable than anyone on the other side. Gee, how about a Christie/Fiorina ballot? Hmmmmm.

No wait a minute:  Not only is Christie/Fiorina a cool ballot, what about Christie/Haley…no wait…how about Fiorina/Haley.  Holy Mackerel,  Republicans have lots of great possibiities — the best possibilities.  I’m sold!

Who Is Our Enemy, Mr. President?

Liberals won’t give up the argument that these horrible acts of terror would not have happened if it weren’t for the absence of vigorous firearms regulations in America. They denigrate the NRA. The New York Daily News, today (12/4/15), even included a picture of Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, in a collage of terrorists. Importantly, not one of the terrorists shown there or involved and any other tragic events were or are members of the NRA. Then, of course, there’s BHO who fell back on his explanation for the Fort Hood shooting claiming that this might be just another case of “violence in the workplace.” He will go to any length to leave “Islam” or “Muslim” out of the description of what is happening here and around the world. On this Trump may be right, “There’s something else going on.”

Geraldo, also this morning, was trying to support or provide a reasonable foundation to the “over-availability of firearms” argument. He actually compared the tragedy in San Bernardino with Sandy Hook, Charleston, Washington, DC, Aurora and others. “[Stronger regulations would have stopped all these acts!]” However, I can’t imagine how these can possibly be related or how additional laws could have done anything to change the results. First of all, these comparisons are “apples and oranges”. Those other horrible events Geraldo and BHO’s Advisors mention were the result of race hatred and/or mental illness.

The tragedy in California this week was not caused by the NRA or lax firearms regulations. For that matter, California has in place the very laws BHO and the Libs want to implement. Of course, none of them even want to think about the massive bomb-building factory in their garage or the nine functional pipe bombs or the bombs attached to childrens’ little mobile toy cars found there. It is clear that more events were planned and had little to do with workplace violence or gun control.

This was a calculated, well-planned, funded terrorist event that killed 14 and wounded 21 innocent people. It was the result of effective radicalization of an American Muslim by others including his wife, who swore allegiance to ISIS not long ago. “…[Using Facebook, she] reportedly posted her pledge to ISIS leader and self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on or around the time of the attack…” (FNC, 12/4/15) Also, “Federal investigators believe there is a ‘very serious’ possibility that Tashfeen Malik, one of two shooters who murdered 14 people and wounded 21 others in San Bernardino, Calif. Wednesday, radicalized her husband [Syed Rizwan Farook]…” (FNC, 12/4/15)

Further, there are clear, telephonic links between Farook and ISIS-supported groups in America – some made immediately prior to the attack. Just like the tragedy at Fort Hood, San Bernardino was the result of Radical Islamic Terrorism – warfare. This was another attack on us buy ISIS through one or more of their radicalized groups, lone wolf or not. Why is it so hard to call it for what it is?

Is BHO a Muslim? I don’t know. Is he a Christian? I don’t know. The fact is that we, none of us, know what he is, what he believes or what his plans are. The one thing we know for sure is that, while he is okay with “radical”, he refuses is to link the words “Islam” or “Muslim” to any description of what’s happening and if one can’t define the enemy, one can’t fight it. [Sun Tzu, The Art of War].

Who is the enemy, really, Mr. President?  What else is going on?



The Priority Should be US

Let’s face it; America has always been a place people around the globe could count on for help and support when they needed it. I’m talking about folks who are hungry or sick or without shelter. We’re Americans, that’s who we are. And, folks, it doesn’t matter which political party is in charge, that’s who we are and we do more than any other county in the world in that regard.  
Today, or actually yesterday, I started to rethink that posture as the whole Paris event unfolded and we learned where the leader of that catastrophe came from and where he was living. It was then that I began to wonder what was the President thinking when he authorized the admission of tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” into the USA. Now, I was always skeptical about that whole idea, but it took this sledgehammer hitting me on the side of the head to make me realize how idiotic it is and how counter to the Constitution and the President’s Oath of Office to do this. I know on the surface my liberal friends are going to look at me as a separationist or some other harsher thing, but think about it. He has been terribly irresponsible regarding our current dilemma of illegal aliens, now he wants to open our gates to a torrent of folks with absolutely no paperwork. We have no way of knowing who they are and what their background is and what they intend to do. Hell, one of them has already disappeared from NOLA.
I might be willing to accept that it’s the “goodness in his heart” that drives him this way. Others will claim that it’s his Muslim roots that drive him. However, I think his tendency to ignore the greater good or to reject what he has sworn to do in favor of what he “really wants to do because it makes him feel really, really good and powerful” that’s the point here. President Obama’s sworn duty is “…to protect and defend the Constitution…” Picture, if you will, the Scale of Liberty. On one plate we have the health, welfare of the American people and on the other we have the health and welfare of a bunch of unknown folks who are populated to an unknown degree with terrorists who want to kill every Christian and Jew they can find. Even if we don’t know for sure that there are terrorists in our mix, there may be. I think the scale will clearly show where BHO’s obligation sits. Once again, he ignores his sworn duty.
Also, where are the Saudis or the Jordanians or the Egyptians? These Muslim countries have the funds to help these refugees and, by the way, they have no love for ISIS, the cause of this migration of human souls. Americans want to help. As I said, “That’s what we do!” We currently are helping millions of folks around the world. We can still do that the same way we are doing it now. Let’s offer funds, medical personnel and equipment, food, clothing and bedding. Let’s give some tents and/or Quonset huts and water purification support and, hell; let’s build a school or two or three. We can do our best there and save our own people from worry and potential danger here. It’s a “no brainer”, Mr. President. You can do it, but do it right – for a change.
Sir, with all due respect, ISIS is not “contained”. They are not the “JV Team”. This is a redo of the First Caliphate. Take a look at that map. You will see that caliphate moved into Europe. After thousands of battles, it got most, if not all, of Spain and moved into Italy and some of the Czech Republic. By the way, it was that fighting and that invasion into Europe over lands belonging to European people that initiated the Crusades, Sir. Sure, there were religious overtones to those fights, but what do you think energized the caliphs in the first place? Now, it’s happening again. The leaders back then took charge. They led and they took back what was rightfully theirs. Don’t muck this up, Sir. If you continue with what you believe is a successful strategy, you will let it happen again. Sun Tzu said it before Jesus Christ was borne and military leader right to today all agree. It takes boots on the ground to win a war. We can bomb with drones until we are blue in the face, but it will make no difference. Put together a mass of nations to fight this battle. We don’t have to do it all, but, as in the World Wars, we have to act, we have to play a part.

Mr. President, What About Us?

Well, let’s see. I know there will be many discussions about what BHO just did to us when he announced his unilateral action regarding legalizing millions of illegal aliens — or should I say his use of “Prosecutorial Discretion”. My liberal friends will genuflect before their emperor proclaiming his greatness and his wonderful concern for the poor, illegal aliens who came here breaking our laws. You know, the laws he swore to enforce. Those liberal friends of mine will never see the truth or the facts that continue to splash in their faces, but that’s not the point here. The point is, whether or not we agree with the need for major immigration reform, last night our president took, or described the steps he will take, regarding the millions of people who illegally stole their way across our borders and continue to break our laws. I agree with some of the steps he “recommends”.  I think there is a need for major reform.  However, his unilateral action regarding these steps circumvent the Constitution and describe his personal disrespect or indifference regarding the actions of the Congress of The United States of America. More importantly, these actions will actually, further damage the Office of the Presidency, significantly, by reducing the faith and trust that used to define that branch of our government. He is damaging the Presidency, itself!

Here are a couple of other things that will happen:

  1. It will encourage more illegals to cross our borders – watch out next summer
  2. It will negatively effect the jobs market for honest Americans
  3. It will add significant costs to HealthCare, Food Stamps and Welfare that honest Americans will have to cover
  4. It artificially builds the list of potential Democrat voters – hmmmm. Maybe this should be point number 1.

BHO has no interest in supporting or defending what we, as Americans, want. BHO continues to do what he wants, not what we want. He continues to ignore his oath to support and defend the Constitution or to enforce the laws enacted by Congress and signed into law by presidents, including himself. Doggone it, he works for us – he works FOR us!  He does what we tell him not what he just feels like doing.

This president has a basket full of things for which, I believe, should have gotten him impeached long ago. This, to me, is the ‘straw’.  Unfortunately, even though the GOP has won the majority of the entire Congress this time, I don’t think they have the stones to finally move forward with that action. While saying they want to right what is wrong, far too many of them take their own careers ahead of what is right for the nation. Both sides of the aisle focus on themselves.

Sorry, to my liberal friends. I know you will disagree and some of you will fire off some counter points. So be it. We won’t agree. On the other hand, maybe you support his socialist agenda and if that’s the case, nothing anyone can say will satisfy you. As one of my friends said to me not too long ago, maybe you should move…however, I just can’t recommend a place where socialism actually works.

Who’s the Bigot

I’ve been around now for a pretty long time. I’ve lived through eleven presidential administrations. Ten that I can remember. I’ve seen a couple of wars start and end and some that are continuing as we move on – some involved us directly and others, not. I participated as a volunteer in several elections, actually running for office in one. I’ve watched the numbers and kept attuned to the records of our Presidents since High School, wrote papers about campaigns, elections and the accomplishments of Presidents elected during my years in College and since.

As a Quaker, I was involved with or participated in the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. I was honored to be part of a tutorial project that focused on underprivileged, black kids in Greensboro, North Carolina, as part of G.U.T.S. (Greensboro United Tutorial Service). I was proud of North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford, a Democrat, who recognized the inequalities immediately and took huge steps — in a southern state where the first “Sit-In” took place, by the way — to reduce or remove the impediments to equality. Rumor had it that he was being considered as Kennedy’s Vice Presidential candidate in the second term, replacing Johnson. We know that never happened.

I retired from the United States Army after serving 24 years. I joined the military during its most trying times. The Vietnam War was winding down and it was a tough time to be in the Army, especially in Europe. There was a lot of violence as minority soldiers literally fought for the same equality sought after by civilians at home, only here there were weapons of various significance that were available and unfortunately used. The leadership in the military reacted with more dispatch than many of our states and began a program to address those tensions. I participated in and facilitated some of those seminars in Germany. Things improved, soldiers knew it was the right thing to do.

While on duty in Germany as a company commander, my wife and I adopted a 5-week old little girl who was the daughter of a mixed couple. The unmarried mother, from Alabama, could not take her baby home to her family because of the racial mix. Her family would shut them both out of their lives. That move was one of the greatest things I ever did. That wonderful little girl has turned out to be a stellar young woman.

Now as I sit here enduring the eleventh President in my lifetime, I am called a bigot. I am a bigot because I cannot stand the path down which this current President and the Democrats are taking us. I call this man out on everything he tries to do. I cite reason after reason why he is hurting our economy, how he is hurting our Constitution and how he is circumventing the Congress. I am a bigot because I think the Tea Parties are actually saying the right things. I am a “bigot”. Why, you ask? It is because as bad as this man is, he is African American and that is the reason – the only reason. It has nothing to do with the facts that surface daily of his diabolical programs. It has nothing to do with his insidious insertion of government in the auto and finance industries or his overt take-over of our health care or the questionable, over-use of executive orders to install people in positions of power in areas that cost us money. I watch scandal after scandal surface and I stand up against them – I am a bigot.

Did he know people were going to die in Benghazi? No! Did he know they might be in danger? Yes! Could he have taken preventative measures to prevent those deaths? Yes! Could he have taken steps to help them while they were under fire? Yes! What did he do? He went to bed!

Did he know that conservative organizations that were legally entitled to tax considerations were being prevented from getting those exemptions? Yes! What did he do? He encouraged the IRS to keep it up and then promoted one of the people who supervised it!

Did he know that ObamaCare would raise costs of health care for Americans – all Americans? Yes! What did he do? He lied telling us that costs would go down! Did he know that doctors would walk away from their practices because of the new regulations and the reduced fees paid? Yes! What did he do? He lied telling us that we could keep our doctors!

That’s just three but because I bring them up, I’m a bigot.

Let’s see who the Bigots really are. This administration, with the help of social-progressive Democrats in Congress, is insidiously creating a new class of slaves. I use that term very carefully. Enslavement is defined as “dependency”. I’ve said and written about this before. As the roles of Welfare and Food Stamp participants grow, the people receiving those benefits are becoming more and more dependent of the government for their livelihood. If one pays a person not to work, they won’t work. The shame of it is that 200 years ago, people in slavery were fighting to get out of their situations. They ran away from the southern states using every opportunity to escape. Today, many of those same people are laughing, with their hands out, eager to get back in to it and all they have to do is vote Democrat. It is amazing that it could happen in this nation, but I am the bigot.

If I am the bigot here, then so be it. I will continue to stand up against this President and the path to socialism down which he is taking us. If people want to sit by on the sidelines or run for the money eschewing the great opportunities this country stands for then I guess we are in for a long, long time of dreadful living. I worry about my Daughter and Sons and their Sons and Daughters who will be paying for our mistakes. Our debt is now over $16 trillion and our government has no plan to fix it or even the will to slow it down.

There, I’m a bigot and I guess “bigotry” has a whole new meaning now.

The Boston Cowards

I look at the picture of that little boy, Martin Richard, who was killed at the Marathon and cried. Look at that smile. I listened to the mother who lost a daughter, Krystle Campbell, and I was moved by the hurt, love and loss she openly showed. I cannot tell anyone how badly I feel for those great people in Boston. I cannot imagine the loss they feel. There I was, sitting there looking at the pictures of those people on Fox News with tears in my eyes and I was mad. I am madder than I’ve been in a long time. I was sitting in a London hotel room watching the news when the planes hit the WTC and I was mad then, too.

I don’t care if these actions are political statements, the attempted destruction of one religious dogma or another or acts of defiance against one nation or another. It makes no difference to me what the message is or how steeped the individuals are in their beliefs or whether or not brainwashing or a lifetime of successful propaganda perpetrated upon a group was responsible. This was an act of pure cowardice. The people responsible for this heinous act are cowards. They find some thrill in stepping up and taking on a bunch of people who are gathered to support the participants of this beautiful marathon, this historical event in this great town. These cowards drop their little packages and run away. Wow, that’s brave. Whatever their message is it is lost in their cowardice.

The targeted people who were amassed along the streets of Boston presented no threat to anybody. They were just cheering; waving their hands at participating loved ones. Children were killed – CHILDREN! What danger could they be to those cowards? Wives, mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers, husbands injured, killed — toward what end?

Historically, these cowards have routinely targeted harmless people. They have set their bombs, IEDs or strapped explosives to hopeless people. They have exploded these devices in bazaars, shopping districts, parks, play grounds; anywhere there are innocent people who offer no defense, no danger. These terrorists have killed more of their own people than any nation they might dislike. I believe this was carried out, as a terrorist act, by a group supported by or supporting our terrorist enemies around the world. Again, these terrorist groups kill more of their own people that anyone else. Al Qaida and their supporters have killed more Muslims than all the nations they hate combined. Why, because it’s easier.

The people who carried out this act are cowards…..

The New Slavery

The longer I think about what happened in the last election and what has been happening since BHO took office, the more convinced I have become that the real bigots reside in the White House and in the leadership of the Democrat Party. They are the malevolent bigots in our nation. While I hate to use the term, I must. BHO, his close advisors and, consequently, his other ignorant supporters are moving a new class of people into the degrading status of “slavery”. They are all complicit. I use that term very carefully. Slavery is defined as “…the condition of being subjugated or addicted to a specified influence…”and it has nothing to do with “race”. The influence or addiction, here, is unearned income from the government. The money people get for not working — the food stamps they are issued to “help them manage their lives” while not requiring them to do anything and the additional welfare checks they get for each new child they bring into the world. If there is an evil political party it is not the GOP – or the Tea Party for that matter.

Let’s be real, here. There are bigots, still, in the good ole US of A. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but there are individuals, here, who hate others. They are members of every societal group. They hate minorities and want them to shut up and step to the rear. Liberals want us all to believe that those hideous bigots are Republicans. At the risk of diverting my diatribe somewhat, it is important that I put some of the record straight. Historically, they have been the bigots here in the U.S. all along. Look at the history. They were the members of the KKK. They were the leaders of the KKK. As late as the 1990’s there were democrats in congress who were members and leaders of the KKK. Back when the Voter Rights Act of 1965 was passed and signed into law, not one single, Southern democrat senator voted for it. That bill was passed because President Johnson went to the Republicans and it was Republicans who were responsible for the passage of that act. There were no democrats walking the dusty roads of Mississippi with voter registration cards for the Black Community – it was Republicans. Southern democrats were the plantation owners. Southern democrats moved South Carolina to secede from the Union.

Now, back to the point of this essay. While these democrats – these social-progressives — accuse others of being bigoted or racist, it is they who are the genuine bigots. They obscure their beliefs so that they can carefully, secretly spread their bigotry. They call others bigots and racists in an effort to cover up their own deep feelings. While they, apparently supported by the major media outlets, want America to believe that those of us on the right want to move those masses back into the status of property owned by others to do the work of those others, the facts are that it is the social–progressives who want to subjugate a group or groups. Listen to their oratory. BHO’s own words, the comments of Pelosi and Reid all suggest a new Class Warfare in the country. Importantly, their bigotry is being obscured by them – hidden — so the people who are the targets are kept in the dark. It’s not just about race anymore, but it is also not focused not what they would have us believe it is.

The casual observer would think they are bigoted towards Christians, the wealthy, conservatives who rely on the Constitution, employers, gun owners, etc. That is exactly what BHO and his minions want and they are reveling in the success of this misdirection. They want the rest of us – all of us — to look in that direction. They want us to believe they hate Christians, etc. They want us to waste our time and energy fighting, defending these folks who aren’t even in the crosshairs of the social-progressives. Look at what’s happening, for crying out loud. The effort of the subjugation is not aimed at that class of Americans. It is focused on the minorities of the democrat bigotry who are jumping in line with those who are bigoted against them. These “handout” people actually believe the Barrack Hussein Obama Project is focused on helping them. It is not! This is the perfect example of how one goes about enslaving Americans and this new class of Slaves eagerly participates in their own subjugation. Let’s be honest. There are many people who honestly need protective services, medical services and funds to meet family needs. These folks are not the slaves. It’s the ones who abuse the systems and there are millions of them. Interestingly, it’s the ones who are abusing the system who are the slaves to it.

Let me be clear about how one creates this new class of Slaves? How does one subjugate a group of people who live in the freest country in the world? One creates the BHO Project. Extend unemployment benefits over and over again. Remove “Welfare to Work” from the Welfare program. Remember, “Welfare to Work” was a bill enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. Remember how Clinton talked about “…the time for big government…” being over? “Welfare to Work” was one of those events to which he still looks as a highlight of his presidency. Well, BHO used executive order to remove it from the Welfare Program. He took Congress out of the mix to further build his new class of “people”. Now there is no energy to get folks to go back to work. There are programs in place to encourage people to sign up for Food Stamps and none to help move them off of them. States are “awarded” additional funds for surpassing “Food Stamp-Expansion Targets”. What the heck is this all about? This is all about building the new class of Slaves subjugated and dependent upon the benevolence of the government.

Many Americans are actually buying this baloney because they just haven’t seen what is really going on or don’t want to. They are not alert enough to see that this Barrack Hussein Obama Project is doing exactly that – subjugating a group of people while hiding exactly who they are. The difference here is that while in the old days plantation owners owned their property. Here…wait a minute! It’s the same thing! Here, the success of the BHO Project is dependent on those masses of unemployed, Welfare recipients and Food Stamp “abusers” becoming so dependent on the money being handed out that they actually become the “bought and paid for property” of the government. They, these masses, actually put themselves in the status of owned-property without even being aware of it. So, after careful evaluation of the mis-directions, the administration’s Class Warfare and the ignorance or disinterest of the mass of democrats, the population that is the actual target of the BHO Project is patently clear. The surprising thing is that many, if not most, of that targeted population is the exact same demographic that was the target of plantation owners 200 years ago. The same demographic is now owned by the government, and doing what the government expects them to do — voting to keep them in power — so they can continue the dis-Americanization of America. And you know what? That population, that demographic, is the same group targeted back then. They are the focus of the whole thing. Remember, back in the day, people were sold into slavery from one owner to another throughout the southern states. It was a horrible thing for them to endure. They did everything they could do to get away, to escape. The Underground Railway helped thousands of slaves out of their situation. They hated it, cried about it and suffered unspeakable discipline, pain, torture and family destruction. Yet, this new class of slaves is running “toward” the owners. They are happy to take the money. They do everything they can to get into and then remain in their situation. Funny, subjugation used to be something to fear. Now, it seems that being owned by somebody is a good thing. They’re happy about it today. They wave their banners, signs and shout their support. Someday they will get it. Someday they will see that their situation is really a predicament.