Something Just Didn’t Make Sense

by Jeremiah Joslin

There’s been something nibbling at the back of my neck for the last month or so.  I decided to start writing about it to see if it would clear up and become some cognitive sentiment.

Not too long ago, BHO told us that those of us who built successful businesses or were financially successful in other ways weren’t successful because of what we did but because of things the government did for us, because of what others did for us.  “You didn’t build that, somebody else did.”  Then the other day I head Elizabeth Warren, who first said that line, and to hear it in its original context is insidious.

Yes, successful people did and do use the infrastructure provided to them by all of us, including those successful people who paid their fair share to create and maintain that same infrastructure.  The fact that they found it within themselves to take advantage of that same infrastructure and education, which have been and continue to be available to all of us, has somehow now become a point of punishment and of ridicule.   Here’s what BHO and Elizabeth Warren are saying, “Now, that you’ve exploited the infrastructure Big Brother and I built and made available to you, you owe us.”

These “evil, vile, selfish” people are the very same ones who, while paying income taxes, also create the jobs, which are also maintaining the infrastructure.  They continue to contribute to funding that infrastructure, daily, through taxation applied to every paycheck, every invoice, every gallon of fuel, every toll and every product purchased.

Here’s the cogent point to me.  Yes, we all pay the taxes that provide that infrastructure, well maybe not all.  More than 40% of our citizens pay no income taxes.  They pay no income taxes at all!  In other words, they have contributed zero income tax funding to any of the infrastructure projects BHO alluded to last week.  You remember, the infrastructure he attributed to all of us including the 40%.

Importantly, BHO is now doing everything he can to demonize those successful folks claiming they used and took advantage of the infrastructure provided by others to propagate their success and then not giving back fairly to those who created that infrastructure in the first place, which happen to be those same successful folks who are taking advantage of the infrastructure.  The implication is that those things were not available to anybody else.  Only the successful had access.  Get it?  BHO wants to raise taxes on those who are successful so he can redistribute that income to those who are not.  By the way, many of that 40% are targeted for the redistribution of that wealth.  Where’s the logic here?  Most of that 40% are unemployed, underemployed, are in danger of losing their homes or are just not able to meet their obligations.  All of the 40+million people on Food Stamps are targeted for some of the other peoples’ wealth.  Get it, yet?  “If you pay a [person] not to work, [they] won’t work.”  And if you pay a person not to work, that person will not risk that unearned income and will go to the polls with their hand out to vote for the person putting money in it.

Ah, now it makes perfect sense….