Womb To Tomb

by Jeremiah Joslin

I just heard Gov. Huckabee say something very interesting at the CPAC. Now, it is important for me to say that there are no studies or analyses that prove his observation, but it is interesting and caused me to sit back and think about it. It was an ah, ha moment

To paraphrase, he said something to the effect — is it so hard to believe that people who have so little regard for life before its borne to have so little regard for life after it’s borne? He went on to ask, “[Is it surprising that companies in the 2000s have less concern about their employees’ well being than they did in the 50s]”?

The proposed relationship here is that as the abortion and women’s rights movement have progressed one of the unfortunate results is the reduced concern for overall well being of others.

The term “Womb to tomb job”, as it related to employment in the 40s and 50s, has disappeared. During a reorganization at my dad’s company years ago, my dad’s position was made redundant. They kept him on the payroll for several years until his retirement. That wouldn’t happen today. Huckabee made a great relational comparison — he argued, and I find it hard to refute, our reduced regard for life in the womb leads to an overall reduced regard for life after birth. “Womb to tomb” takes on an entirely new meaning. Interesting.