Only a Heartbeat Away

by Jeremiah Joslin

Dear Vice President Biden:

Last night you displayed the highest level of disrespect and condescension I have ever seen.  You should be ashamed.  The people of Delaware and Pennsylvania are more embarrassed than I am.

I grew up in a family that taught me to be respectful and to listen to people.  I was taught not to interrupt others or be condescending.  I don’t know about your family, but I’ll bet you were taught the same things and chose to ignore them last night.  Shame on you, Sir.  You were an anathema to your family upbringing.

I’ve always thought you were the dumbest person in Congress.  Now, not only were you the dumbest person in Congress, you are the rudest, most ignorant, condescending VP in our history.  Enjoy that reputation.  Putting aside your total ignorance of economics and the effect taxes have on economic growth, your numbers didn’t add up.

Congressman Ryan was right when he challenged you on the withdrawal of the surge troops.  Of course we want the Afghanis to stand up and take over the job of securing their country.  Sir, they aren’t up it.  They can’t sustain the mission with which you’ve tasked our soldiers.  The fact that you and the President insist that there be no reduction in actions or missions while reducing their numbers during the “fighting season” is inane.  In other words, you and our glorious President are trusting the security of our reduced numbers of soldiers to newly trained, loyalty-questionable Afghani military.

You said that you did not know that the embassy in Libya had asked for additional security around the consulate in Bengazi.  What you basically did was “throw the intelligence community under the bus.”  How dare you.  You, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Jay Carney and the president all said the same thing.  The tragic attack in Bengazi was the result of a demonstration against a video that nobody watched.  You know very well that the State Department in Libya did ask for more security and sent alerts upstream regarding increasing danger in that country.  You did nothing but throw the intelligence community, which was right from day one, under the bus.  You lied last night, Sir.  You told a bold-faced lie.

What a great feeling I have now — my Vice President is a rude, disrespectful, condescending, interrupting liar.  Great, you’re a heartbeat away.