It’s Over, but not Finished

by Jeremiah Joslin

Well, it’s over and the wrong man won.  The point is he won and he is our President for another, and final, four years.  We have talked about him for the last four years and have outlined, highlighted and acknowledged his missteps, miscalculations and “misstatements”, but he is in the White House for another four years.  Those of us around the world who understand our Federalist system are worried.  President BHO has used his position to circumvent Congress in ways no other president has ever even considered.  Here is a Constitutional Law Professor who takes specific steps to avoid the need to consult Congress.  We should all be angry as hell, but a bunch of us voted for him.  In an earlier post I said that if you pay a person not to work then they won’t work.  It’s that simple.  Now, while there are those who voted for BHO because they saw something – that isn’t there, there are the incredibly large group of takers who went to the polls with their hands out to vote for the guy who will continue to put money in them.  He has created a base of people who feel that the government owes them a living and we let him do it.  This is the group of folks who would rather have people like you and me pay their way than earn their own way.  To them, the American Dream means they do not have to work because the government (us) will provide for them – to them, we owe them their cars, cigarettes, beers, etc.  So, what do we have?  One set of really stupid people and another group of really effective cheaters who exploit the system to their benefit.  I don’t want to be in either group.

Having said all that, he is our President and I, personally, honor that office.  This is the best system in the history of the world.  The Electoral College is a remarkable process that protects the rights of minorities, smaller states and takes into consideration the diverse spread of population across the country.  It has no comparison anywhere.  Our election process, while sometimes seems to be a little unprotected, has been shown to be fairer than that of most other countries.  While I strongly support voter registration and using identification cards to validate citizenship and voting districts, we are still better at this than anyone else.

We elected our President fairly and in accordance with the rules.  All we can do now is watch him carefully.  We must raise our Flag when we sense wrongdoing.  We must remember his socialist leanings, friends, associates and mentors.  We must make sure that these next four years do not take us very much further down the path he started four years ago.

I am saddened by the results of this election, but it is what it is.  He is my President and I am thankful for the process.  Keep in touch because it is our responsibility to maintain our America.