The Guy In the White House: Idiot or Genius

by Jeremiah Joslin

One of my nephews reminded me of a comment my father made decades ago.  This nephew was responding to my posts on FaceBook about how most people didn’t support ObamaCare and how catastrophic tax increases would be.  That was back in early 2012.  He said, “I remember that your dad told me,  ‘most people in America are stupid.’”  Before I could remind him that most of the people in America voted for Obama in 2008, he “Unfriended” me.  I guess he realized that he was part of the “stupid majority”.  Now, we’ve been forced to suffer another four years by that same group.

Although it was through Tim “the tax cheat” Geitner, several weeks ago we heard what BHO was offering in his plan to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff” and now I am even more convinced that my nephew is right.  Most of the people in America are stupid.  I can’t believe we actually re-elected BHO.  How is it possible that we can support a man whose only agenda is to build the Democrat Base?  Listen to me, you stupid majority!  If you pay a person not to work, that person won’t work.  They will continue to collect the money they think is do to them from the only people who can give it to them – the folks who are working.

As I keep thinking about this, I am beginning to wonder if the term “stupid majority” really or completely defines the idiots who elected him.  Just like I’m beginning to wonder if the guy is really the idiot he seems on the surface or a political genius.  While it is clear that the majority voting for Obama is stupid, it may no longer be the appropriate term that effectively defines the whole group.  Maybe a more appropriate label is the “entitled majority.”

BHO’s economic plan is the same economic plan the Soviet Union had.  Remember them?  They established a dictatorship that controlled most industry, salaries, jobs, all education and all fees associate with industry.  Then they took the money through taxes and those fees in the name of the “Workers”.  They shared a little of the wealth with some of those workers.  Importantly, most of the money went to the party leadership and their supporters.   Does that last part sound familiar?

Back to the plan.  Look at what the major points of his plan are:

  1. Increase taxes by $1.6 trilion
  2. Additional $50 billion in stimulus spending
  3. Presidential authority to raise our credit limit

Let’s talk about the tax thing.  The social-progressive democrats will love this.  According to Keynesian Multiplier Effects, every dollar spent in the economy will generate almost double their value.  In other words, John Maynard Keynes, the absolute God of Economics to the Democrats, said that every $10 spent in the economy adds $19 dollars to the GDP.  Using his analysis, when government takes money out of the economy, the multiplier dips off significantly.  That same $10 will generate only $14 in GDP growth.  The reason for that is simple.  Money goes to so-called “entitlements” and they don’t create much value.  The bottom line here is that when the government takes money through taxation they reduce the GDP growth by as much as 50%.  Is it any wonder why our economy is growing so slowly?  Watch out, its about to get worse.  Recently, our esteemed Treasury Secretary, when asked about the relatively small amount of revenue represented by the “Obama-Tax-on-the-Rich” plan — the actual money that would be contributed to the government coffers would be insignificant relative to our debt — was quoted as saying that it ‘s not about the money.  It’s about increasing the tax rates.  He confirmed that the focus, the whole objective of the administration, is “higher taxes”.   It is simply another cog in the Class Warfare machine being engineered by BHO and his socialist team.

Also just a few days later, the President himself said that without those tax increases there would be no deal.  He would allow our economy to drop off the “fiscal cliff”.  It’s really funny how he stands there and jumps all over the Republicans for being inflexible because they want to reduce spending as part of an overall plan.  Now, who’s being inflexible?  The Republicans, in their focus on taxes, have also suggested increased revenues through tax reform instead of tax increases, which would also hit the wealthy BHO thinks make too much money in the first place.  BHO, again, says they are inflexible.  Yeah, he is an idiot.  I have been reluctant to call anybody any names because it is generally unproductive.  However, there comes a time when there is just no other way to define the lack of intelligence or understanding or the intentionally evil agenda of a person or group.

However, as we focus on these verbal assaults he and his minions, the social progressives, are piling on the GOP, generally with the help of the Mainstream Media who support that tactic at every turn, we may be missing the real agenda.  I believe that Obama has always wanted all taxes to go up and has laid out a brilliant plan to assure that happens.   Here’s the “genius” part.  Republicans, the GOP, do not want any taxes to go up — period.  That’s simple.  Just as simple, BHO wants them all to go up.  BHO has made a winning campaign plank that targeted the evil rich, knowing full well that the Republicans would resist.  His whole plan is to appear to be a rigid pro-tax guy against the rich, while keeping taxes low for the middle-class.  The GOP will resist to the year’s end, because they want to keep taxes low on everyone.   BHO will be enjoying a vacation somewhere — costing us millions of dollars – jumping for joy as the GOP falls in line with his plan.  Not only does he get all the revenue he wants through the across-the-board tax increases, he can blame the Republicans for the whole thing.  That’s right, the Republicans who are fighting to protect our economy will be the fall guys, as all taxes will go up at the start of 2013.  BHO will blame the GOP for the success of his plan.  Yeah, he’s a genius.

It’s a brilliant plan from the start.  The full intention of all taxes going up is to increase the revenue he can use to buy more votes – building his base.  Remember the true socialist doctrine, “Take from the Rich and give to the poor.”  BHO’s corruption of that ideal — “if you pay a person not to work, then they won’t work” — is to get more people dependent on the government.  Those who are dependent on the government for their livelihood will do whatever it takes to keep that government in place.  They are his base.

Finally, even those who are dependent on the government will ultimately pay for their own handouts.  Now, I’m back to the “stupid majority” title.  Here’s how that happens.  BHO has yet to accept the premise, or may just not want to recognize, that tax increases will cause higher prices on all products and services as well as a reduction in the work force – happens every time.  A reduced workforce reduces the tax base so the final outcomes of higher taxes are higher prices and reduced revenue because the tax base is smaller.  Remember, the prices are higher covering lost revenue from the higher taxes, so every American will pay the higher prices – yup even the government-dependent takers.  So the takers pay higher prices, which will pay for the higher taxes.  In summary, those stupid “takers” who stand there with their hands out for the money “due them” from the “givers” are actually participating in the process that increases all costs to them while, at the same time, reducing the actual number of givers who will be able to contribute to the revenue on which these takers depend – they are the “stupid majority”.  It’s the circle of economics…always happens.

This President, who swore to defend the Constitution, circumvents our elected legislature, and thus that same Constitution, through executive orders and departmental regulations.   This very same President, who has no idea how economies work, simply blames the GOP for his inaction.  Genius or idiot?  He can’t see, nor can his stupid staff, that raising taxes will ultimately reduce revenue and cause the number of us, who have the ability to contribute to his entitlement scheme, to dwindle.  As tactically brilliant as his plan seems, as successful as it will be at targeting the GOP, it is a strategic abomination that will cause our economy to spiral down to the same depths as Greece and who will be there to bail us out – nobody, that’s who — and it’s all our fault.  Yup, he’s an incompetent idiot!