Guns vs. Constitution

by Jeremiah Joslin

Back in the late 30s/early 40s my father had a friend staying with him while he got his feet on the ground. This man was a registered member of the Communist Party (legal in those days). He was saying how great the Soviet Union was (remember them) and how they would and should rule the world. He said that they would even take over America. My dad, always the debater, asked why that hadn’t happened yet. This Communist said it was because of all the guns that Americans had. “It would be too hard now.” He went on to say that it was okay because we would eventually hand them all over to the government. “We already have people working on that.” My father was never a gun advocate, never owned one as far as I know until I got my first when I was in Eight Grade, but he did see that members of Congress were already taking steps to make it harder to own a gun – The National Firearms Act of 1934. Through the 40s, 50s and 60s it continued. It was a focus in the 70s, 80s and 90s — all by Democrats, BTW. Now, we have a social-progressive president who is willing to go around Congress again using Executive Order to take another grab. I agree that some folks have them who shouldn’t and some use them when they shouldn’t, but umbrella rules do not fix a problem. They only serve the wrong purpose. Just saying. This is wrong for several reasons, but taking our guns will only serve the bad guys and our president’s frequent use of Executive Orders to circumvent the Congress circumvents the Constitution — that’s even worse.

The emotional reaction to what happened in Newtown is justified, but emotion is not the way to act in a legislature. That’s been happening for the last 4 years in DC and that’s really worked well hasn’t it. We all agree that the wrong people should not get firearms – that’s simple, but to umbrella rules for the sake of those few wrong owners is absolutely wrong and only makes the bad guys stronger. The folks who thumb their noses at people who want to keep their firearms because they hunt, have unjustified and, certainly, undeserved elitist-like attitudes. Who the hell cares about anyone who looks down on folks who hunt? Nobody slams folks who fish, cheese knock it off!

Back to emotion, let me tell you what makes me the maddest. I’ve already addressed it once here. Our Vice President and President are considering using executive orders to grab more control of the guns in the United States. They are prepared, once again, to circumvent the Constitution and those who support that or see no issue with that are not true Americans in my mind.

Let’s see. Some of the posters here talk about how many people are shot here in the U.S. and attribute that to the number of guns we have. They site those countries that have significantly tougher controls on firearms as utopian because there are fewer gun deaths in those countries. The key word here is “fewer” – 12,000 less murders (wow). The word “none” is not used in reference to those numbers. There is another vastly more important note here. Those “fewer” are the good guys. By the way, killings are increasing year-on-year in those “better” countries. Importantly, most of the deaths here in the U.S. are the result of gang or drug action. Those shoot-outs often result in the horrible deaths of innocent people, kids. It wasn’t legally purchased firearms, or background checked buyers or even registered firearms that caused those deaths. Focus on that!

Oh, yeah, “Fast and Furious” firearms killed lots of innocent people. Where is the “hate response” to that? Those were firearms sold through the complete authority of OUR FREGGIN GOVERNMENT – the same freegin government that wants to use executive orders to control the sale of firearms mostly to those who actually participate in the registration process– and there isn’t a single word about that.

If all an individual has to offer is the “shoot a deer” argument or the “powerful rush” argument or the “it ain’t the wild west anymore” argument, then it’s time for them to support the socialists-state concept.

We have terrorist groups out there; terrorist nations who want to see us vanish from the face of the earth. They are all supporting this rush to gun control. Initially it was the communists. Now it’s the Social-Progressives who are pushing us to a socialist state. This president doesn’t want guns in the hands of civilians. I am convinced that his goal is to create a socialist state and that requires a level of dictatorship for it to work – guns in civilian hands doesn’t support that concept.