No Effect

by Jeremiah Joslin

Just watched BHO give his speech announcing his 23 Executive Orders.  Of course he opened with children.  Now, we have seen over history how leaders of countries wanting to generate support have used children.  We’ve seen the pictures of Adolph Hitler standing amid a cluster of youngsters.  I’ll let that go for the time being.  Dictators have always used children that way.

What I heard was a guy who wanted to provide stronger limits on those of us who legally own or acquire firearms.  If I were there I would have asked…oh, wait, no questions were taken…anyway, I would have asked to whom did he think these new restrictions would apply.  Which of the bad guys will go through the process?  How many kids that are currently hit in a “drive-bys” aimed at taking out some gang rival would escape that fate?  BHO and the Democrats have to realize that action needs to be taken to get the bad guys.  It’s the criminals who commit the crimes.  While it’s the loonies who get the most attention because they generally take lives of large numbers of innocent people – generally children.  I absolutely do not want to degrade the seriousness or display any disrespect to those families, as tragic as those events are, those losses do not make up most of the deaths in America.  The President and his minions are exploiting the deaths of these innocent people for their own ideological goals.  Most deaths in this and other countries are caused by criminals or gangs often engaged in drug or other illegal activity.  It wasn’t legally purchased firearms, or background checked buyers or even registered firearms that caused those deaths.  Focus on that, Mr. President!  Look at your own hometown, sir.  Chicago has some of the most restrictive rules in the country….along with one of the highest murder-by-gun rates in the nation.  Bad guys love it when the innocent civilians are unable to defend themselves.

Why, sir, let’s look for a second at your own personal record at preventing illegal or unauthorized folks for owning and using firearms that are illegally acquired and unregistered.  Pretty crappy record isn’t it?  I wonder how many of those firearms – assault weapons with very high capacity magazines – are still out there taking innocent life after innocent life in the Southern United States and Mexico.

Then there was the comment you made that kind of scared me.  When you said, “Weapons designed for the theater of war have no place in a movie theater,” that was a pretty friendly and almost irrefutable way of saying that civilians should not have military-style weapons.  Only the military should have them.  That worked out well in Germany in the 1930s and 40s.  It did a remarkable job of securing the Russian population throughout their existence.  I was reminded, again, of what my father told me a friend of his said to him in the 1930s, “America has too many guns, but that’s okay, because you will turn them over to us.  We already have people working on that.”

Let’s think a little bit about this more aggressive search of mental health records of those of us who want to purchase a firearm.  While on the surface it seems pretty reasonable, aren’t medical records supposed to be private?  Will this require medical staff to publish these records?  Will patient privacy be nullified?  Seems to me that with the public record of gun registration, medical records will be part of that public record.  According to you, if I decide to sell one of my guns to a friend I have to do a Mental Health background check first.  I will know my friend’s most privately held information and you will see it too as part of the public record.  Will we be able to see who was turned down and why?  Let’s get serious, folks.  I ask you, “Who will actually go through the process?”  Only honest Americans who look to exercise their Constitutional Rights will agree to go through the process. Heck, we’re the only ones who go through the process now.  Look at what happened right after the catastrophic event in Newtown, Connecticut.  The Lower Hudson (N.Y.) Journal News published the names and addresses of every person who legally owns a firearm.  They didn’t publish the names and addresses of folks who illegally held a firearm or owned one or stole one or a bunch.   Finally, what’s likely to happen to those Mental Health records?  I don’t know and I don’t think anyone else does either.  Talk about a slippery slope.