The New Slavery

by Jeremiah Joslin

The longer I think about what happened in the last election and what has been happening since BHO took office, the more convinced I have become that the real bigots reside in the White House and in the leadership of the Democrat Party. They are the malevolent bigots in our nation. While I hate to use the term, I must. BHO, his close advisors and, consequently, his other ignorant supporters are moving a new class of people into the degrading status of “slavery”. They are all complicit. I use that term very carefully. Slavery is defined as “…the condition of being subjugated or addicted to a specified influence…”and it has nothing to do with “race”. The influence or addiction, here, is unearned income from the government. The money people get for not working — the food stamps they are issued to “help them manage their lives” while not requiring them to do anything and the additional welfare checks they get for each new child they bring into the world. If there is an evil political party it is not the GOP – or the Tea Party for that matter.

Let’s be real, here. There are bigots, still, in the good ole US of A. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but there are individuals, here, who hate others. They are members of every societal group. They hate minorities and want them to shut up and step to the rear. Liberals want us all to believe that those hideous bigots are Republicans. At the risk of diverting my diatribe somewhat, it is important that I put some of the record straight. Historically, they have been the bigots here in the U.S. all along. Look at the history. They were the members of the KKK. They were the leaders of the KKK. As late as the 1990’s there were democrats in congress who were members and leaders of the KKK. Back when the Voter Rights Act of 1965 was passed and signed into law, not one single, Southern democrat senator voted for it. That bill was passed because President Johnson went to the Republicans and it was Republicans who were responsible for the passage of that act. There were no democrats walking the dusty roads of Mississippi with voter registration cards for the Black Community – it was Republicans. Southern democrats were the plantation owners. Southern democrats moved South Carolina to secede from the Union.

Now, back to the point of this essay. While these democrats – these social-progressives — accuse others of being bigoted or racist, it is they who are the genuine bigots. They obscure their beliefs so that they can carefully, secretly spread their bigotry. They call others bigots and racists in an effort to cover up their own deep feelings. While they, apparently supported by the major media outlets, want America to believe that those of us on the right want to move those masses back into the status of property owned by others to do the work of those others, the facts are that it is the social–progressives who want to subjugate a group or groups. Listen to their oratory. BHO’s own words, the comments of Pelosi and Reid all suggest a new Class Warfare in the country. Importantly, their bigotry is being obscured by them – hidden — so the people who are the targets are kept in the dark. It’s not just about race anymore, but it is also not focused not what they would have us believe it is.

The casual observer would think they are bigoted towards Christians, the wealthy, conservatives who rely on the Constitution, employers, gun owners, etc. That is exactly what BHO and his minions want and they are reveling in the success of this misdirection. They want the rest of us – all of us — to look in that direction. They want us to believe they hate Christians, etc. They want us to waste our time and energy fighting, defending these folks who aren’t even in the crosshairs of the social-progressives. Look at what’s happening, for crying out loud. The effort of the subjugation is not aimed at that class of Americans. It is focused on the minorities of the democrat bigotry who are jumping in line with those who are bigoted against them. These “handout” people actually believe the Barrack Hussein Obama Project is focused on helping them. It is not! This is the perfect example of how one goes about enslaving Americans and this new class of Slaves eagerly participates in their own subjugation. Let’s be honest. There are many people who honestly need protective services, medical services and funds to meet family needs. These folks are not the slaves. It’s the ones who abuse the systems and there are millions of them. Interestingly, it’s the ones who are abusing the system who are the slaves to it.

Let me be clear about how one creates this new class of Slaves? How does one subjugate a group of people who live in the freest country in the world? One creates the BHO Project. Extend unemployment benefits over and over again. Remove “Welfare to Work” from the Welfare program. Remember, “Welfare to Work” was a bill enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. Remember how Clinton talked about “…the time for big government…” being over? “Welfare to Work” was one of those events to which he still looks as a highlight of his presidency. Well, BHO used executive order to remove it from the Welfare Program. He took Congress out of the mix to further build his new class of “people”. Now there is no energy to get folks to go back to work. There are programs in place to encourage people to sign up for Food Stamps and none to help move them off of them. States are “awarded” additional funds for surpassing “Food Stamp-Expansion Targets”. What the heck is this all about? This is all about building the new class of Slaves subjugated and dependent upon the benevolence of the government.

Many Americans are actually buying this baloney because they just haven’t seen what is really going on or don’t want to. They are not alert enough to see that this Barrack Hussein Obama Project is doing exactly that – subjugating a group of people while hiding exactly who they are. The difference here is that while in the old days plantation owners owned their property. Here…wait a minute! It’s the same thing! Here, the success of the BHO Project is dependent on those masses of unemployed, Welfare recipients and Food Stamp “abusers” becoming so dependent on the money being handed out that they actually become the “bought and paid for property” of the government. They, these masses, actually put themselves in the status of owned-property without even being aware of it. So, after careful evaluation of the mis-directions, the administration’s Class Warfare and the ignorance or disinterest of the mass of democrats, the population that is the actual target of the BHO Project is patently clear. The surprising thing is that many, if not most, of that targeted population is the exact same demographic that was the target of plantation owners 200 years ago. The same demographic is now owned by the government, and doing what the government expects them to do — voting to keep them in power — so they can continue the dis-Americanization of America. And you know what? That population, that demographic, is the same group targeted back then. They are the focus of the whole thing. Remember, back in the day, people were sold into slavery from one owner to another throughout the southern states. It was a horrible thing for them to endure. They did everything they could do to get away, to escape. The Underground Railway helped thousands of slaves out of their situation. They hated it, cried about it and suffered unspeakable discipline, pain, torture and family destruction. Yet, this new class of slaves is running “toward” the owners. They are happy to take the money. They do everything they can to get into and then remain in their situation. Funny, subjugation used to be something to fear. Now, it seems that being owned by somebody is a good thing. They’re happy about it today. They wave their banners, signs and shout their support. Someday they will get it. Someday they will see that their situation is really a predicament.