The Boston Cowards

by Jeremiah Joslin

I look at the picture of that little boy, Martin Richard, who was killed at the Marathon and cried. Look at that smile. I listened to the mother who lost a daughter, Krystle Campbell, and I was moved by the hurt, love and loss she openly showed. I cannot tell anyone how badly I feel for those great people in Boston. I cannot imagine the loss they feel. There I was, sitting there looking at the pictures of those people on Fox News with tears in my eyes and I was mad. I am madder than I’ve been in a long time. I was sitting in a London hotel room watching the news when the planes hit the WTC and I was mad then, too.

I don’t care if these actions are political statements, the attempted destruction of one religious dogma or another or acts of defiance against one nation or another. It makes no difference to me what the message is or how steeped the individuals are in their beliefs or whether or not brainwashing or a lifetime of successful propaganda perpetrated upon a group was responsible. This was an act of pure cowardice. The people responsible for this heinous act are cowards. They find some thrill in stepping up and taking on a bunch of people who are gathered to support the participants of this beautiful marathon, this historical event in this great town. These cowards drop their little packages and run away. Wow, that’s brave. Whatever their message is it is lost in their cowardice.

The targeted people who were amassed along the streets of Boston presented no threat to anybody. They were just cheering; waving their hands at participating loved ones. Children were killed – CHILDREN! What danger could they be to those cowards? Wives, mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers, husbands injured, killed — toward what end?

Historically, these cowards have routinely targeted harmless people. They have set their bombs, IEDs or strapped explosives to hopeless people. They have exploded these devices in bazaars, shopping districts, parks, play grounds; anywhere there are innocent people who offer no defense, no danger. These terrorists have killed more of their own people than any nation they might dislike. I believe this was carried out, as a terrorist act, by a group supported by or supporting our terrorist enemies around the world. Again, these terrorist groups kill more of their own people that anyone else. Al Qaida and their supporters have killed more Muslims than all the nations they hate combined. Why, because it’s easier.

The people who carried out this act are cowards…..