Who’s the Bigot

by Jeremiah Joslin

I’ve been around now for a pretty long time. I’ve lived through eleven presidential administrations. Ten that I can remember. I’ve seen a couple of wars start and end and some that are continuing as we move on – some involved us directly and others, not. I participated as a volunteer in several elections, actually running for office in one. I’ve watched the numbers and kept attuned to the records of our Presidents since High School, wrote papers about campaigns, elections and the accomplishments of Presidents elected during my years in College and since.

As a Quaker, I was involved with or participated in the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. I was honored to be part of a tutorial project that focused on underprivileged, black kids in Greensboro, North Carolina, as part of G.U.T.S. (Greensboro United Tutorial Service). I was proud of North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford, a Democrat, who recognized the inequalities immediately and took huge steps — in a southern state where the first “Sit-In” took place, by the way — to reduce or remove the impediments to equality. Rumor had it that he was being considered as Kennedy’s Vice Presidential candidate in the second term, replacing Johnson. We know that never happened.

I retired from the United States Army after serving 24 years. I joined the military during its most trying times. The Vietnam War was winding down and it was a tough time to be in the Army, especially in Europe. There was a lot of violence as minority soldiers literally fought for the same equality sought after by civilians at home, only here there were weapons of various significance that were available and unfortunately used. The leadership in the military reacted with more dispatch than many of our states and began a program to address those tensions. I participated in and facilitated some of those seminars in Germany. Things improved, soldiers knew it was the right thing to do.

While on duty in Germany as a company commander, my wife and I adopted a 5-week old little girl who was the daughter of a mixed couple. The unmarried mother, from Alabama, could not take her baby home to her family because of the racial mix. Her family would shut them both out of their lives. That move was one of the greatest things I ever did. That wonderful little girl has turned out to be a stellar young woman.

Now as I sit here enduring the eleventh President in my lifetime, I am called a bigot. I am a bigot because I cannot stand the path down which this current President and the Democrats are taking us. I call this man out on everything he tries to do. I cite reason after reason why he is hurting our economy, how he is hurting our Constitution and how he is circumventing the Congress. I am a bigot because I think the Tea Parties are actually saying the right things. I am a “bigot”. Why, you ask? It is because as bad as this man is, he is African American and that is the reason – the only reason. It has nothing to do with the facts that surface daily of his diabolical programs. It has nothing to do with his insidious insertion of government in the auto and finance industries or his overt take-over of our health care or the questionable, over-use of executive orders to install people in positions of power in areas that cost us money. I watch scandal after scandal surface and I stand up against them – I am a bigot.

Did he know people were going to die in Benghazi? No! Did he know they might be in danger? Yes! Could he have taken preventative measures to prevent those deaths? Yes! Could he have taken steps to help them while they were under fire? Yes! What did he do? He went to bed!

Did he know that conservative organizations that were legally entitled to tax considerations were being prevented from getting those exemptions? Yes! What did he do? He encouraged the IRS to keep it up and then promoted one of the people who supervised it!

Did he know that ObamaCare would raise costs of health care for Americans – all Americans? Yes! What did he do? He lied telling us that costs would go down! Did he know that doctors would walk away from their practices because of the new regulations and the reduced fees paid? Yes! What did he do? He lied telling us that we could keep our doctors!

That’s just three but because I bring them up, I’m a bigot.

Let’s see who the Bigots really are. This administration, with the help of social-progressive Democrats in Congress, is insidiously creating a new class of slaves. I use that term very carefully. Enslavement is defined as “dependency”. I’ve said and written about this before. As the roles of Welfare and Food Stamp participants grow, the people receiving those benefits are becoming more and more dependent of the government for their livelihood. If one pays a person not to work, they won’t work. The shame of it is that 200 years ago, people in slavery were fighting to get out of their situations. They ran away from the southern states using every opportunity to escape. Today, many of those same people are laughing, with their hands out, eager to get back in to it and all they have to do is vote Democrat. It is amazing that it could happen in this nation, but I am the bigot.

If I am the bigot here, then so be it. I will continue to stand up against this President and the path to socialism down which he is taking us. If people want to sit by on the sidelines or run for the money eschewing the great opportunities this country stands for then I guess we are in for a long, long time of dreadful living. I worry about my Daughter and Sons and their Sons and Daughters who will be paying for our mistakes. Our debt is now over $16 trillion and our government has no plan to fix it or even the will to slow it down.

There, I’m a bigot and I guess “bigotry” has a whole new meaning now.