Mr. President, What About Us?

by Jeremiah Joslin

Well, let’s see. I know there will be many discussions about what BHO just did to us when he announced his unilateral action regarding legalizing millions of illegal aliens — or should I say his use of “Prosecutorial Discretion”. My liberal friends will genuflect before their emperor proclaiming his greatness and his wonderful concern for the poor, illegal aliens who came here breaking our laws. You know, the laws he swore to enforce. Those liberal friends of mine will never see the truth or the facts that continue to splash in their faces, but that’s not the point here. The point is, whether or not we agree with the need for major immigration reform, last night our president took, or described the steps he will take, regarding the millions of people who illegally stole their way across our borders and continue to break our laws. I agree with some of the steps he “recommends”.  I think there is a need for major reform.  However, his unilateral action regarding these steps circumvent the Constitution and describe his personal disrespect or indifference regarding the actions of the Congress of The United States of America. More importantly, these actions will actually, further damage the Office of the Presidency, significantly, by reducing the faith and trust that used to define that branch of our government. He is damaging the Presidency, itself!

Here are a couple of other things that will happen:

  1. It will encourage more illegals to cross our borders – watch out next summer
  2. It will negatively effect the jobs market for honest Americans
  3. It will add significant costs to HealthCare, Food Stamps and Welfare that honest Americans will have to cover
  4. It artificially builds the list of potential Democrat voters – hmmmm. Maybe this should be point number 1.

BHO has no interest in supporting or defending what we, as Americans, want. BHO continues to do what he wants, not what we want. He continues to ignore his oath to support and defend the Constitution or to enforce the laws enacted by Congress and signed into law by presidents, including himself. Doggone it, he works for us – he works FOR us!  He does what we tell him not what he just feels like doing.

This president has a basket full of things for which, I believe, should have gotten him impeached long ago. This, to me, is the ‘straw’.  Unfortunately, even though the GOP has won the majority of the entire Congress this time, I don’t think they have the stones to finally move forward with that action. While saying they want to right what is wrong, far too many of them take their own careers ahead of what is right for the nation. Both sides of the aisle focus on themselves.

Sorry, to my liberal friends. I know you will disagree and some of you will fire off some counter points. So be it. We won’t agree. On the other hand, maybe you support his socialist agenda and if that’s the case, nothing anyone can say will satisfy you. As one of my friends said to me not too long ago, maybe you should move…however, I just can’t recommend a place where socialism actually works.