The Priority Should be US

by Jeremiah Joslin

Let’s face it; America has always been a place people around the globe could count on for help and support when they needed it. I’m talking about folks who are hungry or sick or without shelter. We’re Americans, that’s who we are. And, folks, it doesn’t matter which political party is in charge, that’s who we are and we do more than any other county in the world in that regard.  
Today, or actually yesterday, I started to rethink that posture as the whole Paris event unfolded and we learned where the leader of that catastrophe came from and where he was living. It was then that I began to wonder what was the President thinking when he authorized the admission of tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” into the USA. Now, I was always skeptical about that whole idea, but it took this sledgehammer hitting me on the side of the head to make me realize how idiotic it is and how counter to the Constitution and the President’s Oath of Office to do this. I know on the surface my liberal friends are going to look at me as a separationist or some other harsher thing, but think about it. He has been terribly irresponsible regarding our current dilemma of illegal aliens, now he wants to open our gates to a torrent of folks with absolutely no paperwork. We have no way of knowing who they are and what their background is and what they intend to do. Hell, one of them has already disappeared from NOLA.
I might be willing to accept that it’s the “goodness in his heart” that drives him this way. Others will claim that it’s his Muslim roots that drive him. However, I think his tendency to ignore the greater good or to reject what he has sworn to do in favor of what he “really wants to do because it makes him feel really, really good and powerful” that’s the point here. President Obama’s sworn duty is “…to protect and defend the Constitution…” Picture, if you will, the Scale of Liberty. On one plate we have the health, welfare of the American people and on the other we have the health and welfare of a bunch of unknown folks who are populated to an unknown degree with terrorists who want to kill every Christian and Jew they can find. Even if we don’t know for sure that there are terrorists in our mix, there may be. I think the scale will clearly show where BHO’s obligation sits. Once again, he ignores his sworn duty.
Also, where are the Saudis or the Jordanians or the Egyptians? These Muslim countries have the funds to help these refugees and, by the way, they have no love for ISIS, the cause of this migration of human souls. Americans want to help. As I said, “That’s what we do!” We currently are helping millions of folks around the world. We can still do that the same way we are doing it now. Let’s offer funds, medical personnel and equipment, food, clothing and bedding. Let’s give some tents and/or Quonset huts and water purification support and, hell; let’s build a school or two or three. We can do our best there and save our own people from worry and potential danger here. It’s a “no brainer”, Mr. President. You can do it, but do it right – for a change.
Sir, with all due respect, ISIS is not “contained”. They are not the “JV Team”. This is a redo of the First Caliphate. Take a look at that map. You will see that caliphate moved into Europe. After thousands of battles, it got most, if not all, of Spain and moved into Italy and some of the Czech Republic. By the way, it was that fighting and that invasion into Europe over lands belonging to European people that initiated the Crusades, Sir. Sure, there were religious overtones to those fights, but what do you think energized the caliphs in the first place? Now, it’s happening again. The leaders back then took charge. They led and they took back what was rightfully theirs. Don’t muck this up, Sir. If you continue with what you believe is a successful strategy, you will let it happen again. Sun Tzu said it before Jesus Christ was borne and military leader right to today all agree. It takes boots on the ground to win a war. We can bomb with drones until we are blue in the face, but it will make no difference. Put together a mass of nations to fight this battle. We don’t have to do it all, but, as in the World Wars, we have to act, we have to play a part.