First Republican Debate 2016

by Jeremiah Joslin

Thursday’s Republican Debate on Fox Business was the best one that I’ve seen thus far. The questions were on point dealing with issues and allowing the candidates to be more expansive on their positions. Surely, each candidate needed to address the comments, accusations and allegations made against them and they responded really well. Some of the challenges are real, many are not and Thursday they were addressed.

No candidate fell on their sword, except maybe Cruz and his “New York Values” comments, and none of them needed to. Each of these candidates is clearly a better and more competent choice than anything available on the other side.

I have my favorites coming out of that debate and as I watch coverage this morning I am disappointed. As you might expect, I’m watching FNC. After all, their sister channel hosted the debate. Anyway, these folks are focused on Trump, Cruz and Rubio. They have been focused on those three for weeks. They have always and continue to measure Cruz’ and Rubio’s debate success against Trump’s. Their accounts always arrange and rearrange the order of success for these same three. The question I hear after every debate is, “How did [whatshisname] do in comparison to Trump?” I have to tell you that disappoints me, because others actually did better answering policy and emotional questions.

Thus far, I have to say that, while Senators Rubio and Cruz were orders of magnitude better than Donald, Cruz has two issues that will plague him, whether real or not, throughout any campaign and it will weaken him to the point of loss. Governor Christie, on the other hand, and Carly Fiorina out-debated all the others by simply outlining their positions and what they would do…and they made sense. Christy won as far as I’m concerned, but Carly was not far behind. He simply won, but blinders worn by the media focus all their attention on Trump, Cruz and Rubio. While I agree that Cruz and Rubio were really good Christie kicked the field goal and Carly was stellar.

Gov. Christie is suddenly my favorite. However, I maintain that any of those on those two stages are more competent and knowledgeable and capable than anyone on the other side. Gee, how about a Christie/Fiorina ballot? Hmmmmm.

No wait a minute:  Not only is Christie/Fiorina a cool ballot, what about Christie/Haley…no wait…how about Fiorina/Haley.  Holy Mackerel,  Republicans have lots of great possibiities — the best possibilities.  I’m sold!