Be a Republican — That’s What’s Important

by Jeremiah Joslin

Okay, Cruz has “suspended” his campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. I think it was time. In fact, a close friend of mine and I were texting shortly after the Indiana Primary was over. He and I agreed that the Senator should and probably would exit the contest.

Now, neither my friend nor I are Trump fans. In our primary here in Florida, both of us voted for Governor Kasich. This has been a really cool campaign. Initially, I supported Ben Carson. I realized that he just didn’t have the campaign talent. I moved to Fiorina. I really liked her, still do. Then she pulled out and that moved me to Christie. Before I moved to Florida with my family, Christie was our Governor. I was there while the liberal press tried to kick his butt with Bridge Gate. I knew he was innocent of all crap they were trying to pile on him. They’re still trying to brand him with it. Then he pulled out and that left me with the top three. I supported Kasich.

I no longer support him mostly because he as much as admitted that his efforts, today, are not to just fight the campaign and win the nomination, but to get to the “contested” convention where he hopes to motivate the delegates to nominate him. I don’t know how he might do that. Would it be through some sort of chicanery? Who knows? Anyway, last week I heard a pundit of some sort – I missed his intro – say that the contested convention was the way to go. He said, “This isn’t a popularity contest, for crying out loud!” Wait a minute. That’s exactly what this is. It is a popularity contest. He is suggesting, as are Kasich, Cruz and the GOP leadership, that the millions of people who went to the poles to vote don’t matter. I’m not a Trump fan, but I am a Republican and I will vote for the Republican Candidate. No matter who it is, our candidate will be hugely more credible than any of the social-progressive democrats on the list.

It’s for us Republicans to act like Republicans. We have a candidate who has received a huge majority of votes. We are really tired of what’s been going on in DC and now is our time. We have a current president who does not like the American Idea. He and his administration, with the full support of the democrats in Congress by the way, have done more to hurt race relations than any president in the modern era. He has built a mass of people enslaved to the Government through unlimited welfare and food-stamp programs. He has opened the borders to anyone who wants to walk across. He has given ISIS unlimited room to expand and he has reduced our military to its smallest size since before WWII.

Let’s get behind our candidate with all the support we can muster. Those of you Republicans who say you’ll never vote for Trump are, for all intents and purposes, voting for Hillary. Now, that’s a sound plan. Cheese!  Get over your angst. I will. We don’t like the way he’s talked and argued, but the stuff he is saying that needs fixing really does need fixing and of all people on the face of the planet, he can pick the right folks to help and advise him. We need to get the democrats out of the White House. If Trump ends up our candidate, I will vote for him. I will not sit home on Election Day. That would just be one more vote for Hillary.