What Do We Do?

by Jeremiah Joslin

I’m having a hard time these days trying to figure out where this nation is going. We have fringe groups of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, anti-Semites on one side and Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, AntiFa and plain old liberal provocateurs, who have no other agenda than to trash our president, on the other. That’s all we are talking about these days. One side attacks the other. Some attack regular folks just walking down the streets. Some attack and injure demonstrators who are supporting one issue or another. Some attack and injure just for the fun of it. It is important to say that both groups on either side are minorities of our population. How do we stop it?

If one side gives in to the other then the unrest will continue and it matters not which side steps back. They are all racists and will continue to be racists no matter what. It’s insane. We all know that folks have a constitutional right to their thoughts and words. Folks can stand on a corner with a sign or mike and toot off whatever they want. No one has the right – any right – to attack anyone for his or her speech. That’s just the facts. No matter – the fringe groups do it anyway proclaiming their constitutional right to free speech. Folks, there is no constitutional right to free assault & battery. Apparently the Berkeley University campus police don’t agree. Anyway, what do we do?

If the government sends in the National Guard or other military response teams in violation of posse comitatus they become the arm of a tyrannical government, which is against the law, and we become another Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or China. That just isn’t us. Here we are, the vast majority of Americans – law abiding citizens, sitting in the middle worried about our safety, the future for our children and doing nothing. Are we about to have another Civil War – Us against the fanatics? Of course, everyone is blaming President Trump. I cannot see why. He does nothing and people keep dying. He takes action and he’s the tyrant.

What will draw us together? What has drawn us together in the past? I hate to say it but catastrophes draw us together. That’s right, Catastrophes. I don’t want another one of those. What’s happening in Houston is a catastrophe and thousands of us in the middle are rushing to help, but not the fringe groups. Why? It’s because their focus is not to help but to undermine, assault, create havoc and disarray. Yup, the fringe groups are just a bunch of hard-core, anti-American, small-brained, racist trouble makers whose only goal is to get attention they do not deserve and to destroy our way of life. By the way, what happens to them if they get what they want? They lose everything. They will lose everything the government is providing to them today. The examples are global. Look at other countries that do not permit the kind of activities these groups are perpetrating right now. It’s amazing how shortsighted the members of the fringe groups are.

There’s one last thing. Watch out, you parents who are paying those huge tuitions for your kids going to college and university. They are being brainwashed by the unbelievable professors teaching them. They proclaim the importance of “diversity” yet there are no conservative professors nor are conservative students permitted to demonstrate? You may refuse to believe it, but look at what many are doing. Professors are glorifying many things for which our country has never supported and some of those kids are standing in line filling up those fringe groups.

I just don’t know what we can do to bring things back to mutual respect. What do we do?